Clinic Policies

At Blowtox, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and being attentive to our clients needs. However, we hope you understand that last-minute cancellations and no-shows significantly affect our business.

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent which is why we have our strict booking policies clearly stated. These policies have been designed to ensure the best possible experience for all our lovely clients.

Please take the time to carefully read through the following policies before your appointment:

Booking Fee Policy

When booking an appointment at our clinic we kindly ask for a 50% deposit to secure your appointment. You will be prompted to do so via our online booking system.

If booking over the phone, one of our friendly staff will take card payment over the phone. In paying your deposit, you are agreeing to provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule if for whatever reason you cannot attend your appointment. If you do not show up to your appointment, you will forfeit 100% of your service cost. This will be billed to your account and if it is not paid, then you will not be able to book another service at this clinic.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and you may need to cancel/reschedule/amend your appointment, however we kindly request that you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellations or requests for rescheduling appointments.

If you do provide us with at least 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule/amend, you will have the option to either have your booking fee fully refunded, or allocated to a future appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment and fail to provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice, then unfortunately you forfeit your booking fee.

An email and/or email reminder will then be sent out 72 hours prior to your appointment. The cancellation policy takes effect from 48 hours prior to your appointment. That means, upon receiving your reminder, you will have a full 48 hours to cancel or change your appointment should you no longer be able to make it.

Why do you take a booking fee?

Due to high demand and limited availability, we have deemed it necessary to implement a booking fee system. Over the years we have experienced a high volume of clients who have made continuous appointments and failed to show up or give us the courtesy of a phone call.

As a result, this was negatively impacting our many wonderful, loyal clients who were unable to book in during our busy periods. A booking deposit eliminates this issue, enabling us to make sure other clients don’t miss out on potential appointments.

The booking fee system allows us to offer our clients the most convenient appointment times, operate our clinic effectively and maintain our high level of service. We understand that your time is valuable, and we hope you respect that ours is too by abiding by our policies.

Appointment Reminder

Blowtox will send you an SMS confirmation message at least 72 hours prior to your appointment time to confirm your appointment. Alternatively you may also receive this via email.

Please reply YES to confirm your appointment or call 03 5250 5704 immediately to cancel or reschedule the booking.


Please be sure to arrive to your appointment at least 10-15 minutes prior. Arriving late for a scheduled appointment may reduce your treatment time so that it doesn’t delay our next client/s treatment. Please note the full value of your scheduled treatment will still be applied.

In other cases arriving late for a scheduled appointment may require us to have to cancel your appointment if we don’t have sufficient time to complete treatment/treatments that are booked. Please note unfortunately you will forfeit your deposit.


Whether it’s the room temperature, the amount of massage pressure, number of pillows or conversation level, please notify us of any preferences.

Our qualified therapists are trained to respect your comfort and privacy. During all treatments, the body is fully draped with the exception of the area being worked on. Disposable undergarments are provided and are optional.

Mobile Phones & Technology

To preserve the serenity and ambience of our clinic environment we respectfully request that upon entering the clinic, mobile phones and other devices be switched on silent mode and for all phone calls to be taken outside. This ensures a peaceful and relaxing environment for all.

Guests & Children Policy

Please note we are still limiting the number of people in-clinic at any given time in order to ensure efficiency in the clinic and a peaceful environment for our clients, particularly given our limited space.

Therefore, we kindly ask you attend your appointment alone without children or any other guests. If, for any reason you have to bring someone along with you please note they will not be able to wait in our reception area. We are located on Ash Road where your guest can grab a coffee or a bite to eat, or browse the string of shops during your treatment.


All Blowtox therapists & stylists are certified in their respective services. Should your preferred therapist or stylists be unavailable on the day of your treatment, they will be replaced with an equally caring and qualified member of our team.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice. The prices that will be charged are the prices on our online booking system and not anything advertised elsewhere. Confirmation of the prices of our services can be addressed to our reception on 03 5250 5704.

We appreciate you taking the time to read and review our clinic policies. The above policies enables our clinic to run smoothly and ensure the best possible experience for all our clients.

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 5250 5704 or email us at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you to all of our amazing clients for your continued support.

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

By purchasing or redeeming a Blowtox Gift Card, the following Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. Gift cards are valid for a strict period of 36 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise e.g. Limited Edition Packages for Mother’s Day and Christmas. These are valid for 12 months only.
  2. Gift cards are to be treated like cash, and lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced
  3. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash
  4. Gift cards may be redeemed on any Beauty Precision products and services
  5. Gift card code/number must be supplied at the time of booking
  6. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment


Extra Cover/Insurance Recommended for orders over $100

We recommend selecting this option for any orders over $100 for extra peace of mind. By adding Extra Cover to your order, it ensures that you are fully covered for missing or damaged items up to the specified value of your item.

Please note that if you don’t purchase Extra Cover for your item, this is at your own risk and Blowtox is not responsible if your item is lost or damaged while in the care of Australia Post.

Signature on Delivery

Want to know your item has been delivered and signed for? Signature on Delivery captures a signature of the recipient once the item has been delivered.

For more information about these optional extras, please refer to the Australia Post website: